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Thursday, 29 August 2013

So I started reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell... (Includes 20 page Excerpt)

... and it's pretty interesting, kind of rolls off your tongue. Very easy to read, and quite honestly I kind of relate to it. Not the fan fiction writing, but more Cath's secluded personality. Before I went to BEA (Book Expo America) I didn't even know about Fangirl, and I swear to god the line for this book in specific was one of the longest lines in my life! I was so afraid I wasn't going to get it (the previous night I had stayed up reading from my friend's Briana's copy and decided I HAD to have it).
"Get your shoes," Reagan said. "I'm showing you where the dining hall is."
"No."Cath could already feel the anxiety starting to tear her stomach into nervous little pieces. "It's not just that... I don't like new places. New situations. There'll be all those people, and I won't know where to sit--I don't want to go."
"I have been eating real food..." She muttered. " I eat lunch at Selleck with my sister."
Reagan opened the door. "Then why don't you eat here?"
"Because I waited too long. I built up a block around it. It's hard to explain..."
"Seriously, why aren't you on drugs?"
Cath walked past her out of the room. "Are you a licensed psychiatrist? Or do you just play one on TV?"
"I'm on drugs," Reagan said. "They're a beautiful thing."
I am almost halfway through but I can already tell this is going to be one of the good ones. I just love it when they are this way. Fangirl is the story of Cath and Wren, twin sisters heading to college on their freshman year. They live on different dorms, though not by Cath's choice. Wren wanted to branch out, she is the "free-spirit" while Cath is the introvert who builds walls around herself to stay safe and a perfect evening includes being at her computer for hours on end writing fan fic about Simon and Baz (a very popular story on their world that is basically Harry Potter). She is a very good writer too, popular (specially in Japan for some reason, as she says). As you continue to read Fangirl you get to see how Cath lives her daily life, the bond between these twin sisters, and how she is starting to slowly, but surely, get out of her shell. It is really inspiring in some ways considering I am a lot like Cath (being an introvert that is). I like to see how she handles the situations that are thrown at her, and most importantly I like to see that I am not alone in this world when it comes to some of Cath's quirks. Introverts for the win!

Here is an excerpt on Fangirl. You have to have a Goodreads account in order to read it (and seriously if you don't have one by one that is a surprise, Goodreads is my lifeline besides this blog).

*Quotes taken from an ARC copy and are subject to change. Said ARC copy was received in exchange for honest comments on the title as well as an honest review.


  1. SO excited for Fangirl!! Glad to hear that you're liking it so far.

    Sara at The Page Sage

  2. I'm so excited for Fangirl. I am planning to read that and Rose Under Fire on Monday to celebrate Labor Day with awesome reads!


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