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Monday 6 May 2013

Vampire Academy Movie Cast: Forgiving and Forgetting, Maybe Dimitri isn't so bad... New Pictures + Richelle Mead Movie Interview.

Why hello there rough looking guy, I think I may be able to dig you...
I still don't like Lissa, or Rose for that matter, but I may be liking Dimitri a little bit. I think I've come to terms with the fact that these are the people that are going to play the characters, forever, and I should just deal. Sophia Bush is still my Rose, and Kiersten Prout is still my Lissa. Ben Barnes will always be my imaginary Dimitri. BUT I am willing to give this new guy a tiny chance.

As I was going through Facebook looking for updates I saw this link (Page to Premiere), it has a compiled list of questions that were asked to Richelle Mead via Twitter about the Vampire Academy Movie ( the questions not pertaining to the Movie were left out in this post). I would say read at your own discretion, but really you don't need to be discreet...

Q: Are you happy with the cast of @OfficialVAMovie? Zoey, Danila and Lucy? :)
A: Very happy! @OfficialVAMovie has done an exceptional job. I’m so, so excited.
Q: Has Christian been cast yet?
A: There’s been no official announcement, but I expect we’ll hear in a couple of weeks.
Q: Do you have any vote in choosing the actors for the upcoming Vampire Academy movie?
A: No. All casting and movie choices are in director’s and producers’ hands. But they’re doing an AMAZING job.
Q: Do you still have movie news?
A: Nothing new, but expect more soon!
Q: do you know of any big cuts they had to make for the movie?
A: I haven’t seen the latest draft, but the last script I saw had all the essentials, imo.
Q: are afraid the va movie might flop seen as how people who haven’t read the books might think of it as a twilight copy?
A: There’s always that chance, but it won’t change the books or the people who love the books. :)
Q: are you hoping they are going to make a movie for bloodlines is VA goes well????
A: It’d be great, but that’s a lot of books away! :)
Q: What is one scene that you absolutely want in the movie
A: When I saw the script, everything important seemed to be there! :)
Q: is the WHOLE cast confirmed for the movie yet?
A: Not everyone, but they’re very close. Filming starts at the end of this month, so it’ll have to be soon. :)
Q: how did Vampire Academy come about?
A: I learned about Russian vamp myths in a class & combined it w/an idea to write about a warrior girl and her teacher
Q: You’re always posting Danila’s pictures, how excited are you that he’s playing Dimitri?! He’s so nice to fans!
A: I’m excited! People who saw his audition say he owned it. He def looks the part, and I love how nice he is to fans.
Q: When are you planning to finish the Bloodlines series?
A: There are 6 books total that come out every 9-10 months. The 4th one is out in November, so…2015? Math is hard.
Q: will you be visiting the movie set in UK?
A: I hope so! It’s still early, so there’s still a lot of details to work out. :)
Q: will u b appearing in the movie?
A: I sincerely doubt it. :)
...because this doesn't give us any new information. Seriously? At least give us something! Every other answer is either "SO EXCITED!" or a total avoidance of the actual question. I know the author is supposed to be all "WOOHOOO I AM SO HAPPY THEY PAID ME MORE MONEY TO MAKE MY BOOK A MOVIE" but an honest to god answer would be good as well (not that that isn't an honest answer, I am sure it is, but tell us a LITTLE about what's going on, specially the script! Even that answer was avoided). I know she is excited, but at least give us something new and not the same old responses. This reads like every other interview with no real meat.


  1. I am not sure about their casting of Rose either. She just looks to small to be Rose. One of the great things about Rose was that she wasn't such a slim hollywood beauty. And I agree with you on Sophia Bush :)
    But I really like their choice for Dimitri and Kirova. I cannot wait to find out who will be playing Christian.
    And I think Richelle Mead isn't giving away any more information simply because she's not allowed, too :)

  2. I agree with rose and lissa. I don't like them. The girl playing rose is too small and the girl playing lissa just isn't at all how I imagined a princess let alone the Dragomir princess who is supposed to be breath taking. I like their Dimitri. He's is actually from Russia so we won't have to worry about someone with a fake accent and having to pay for them to learn Russian for all Dimitri's little Russian out breaks lol. I'm excited for this movie as it is but I think they could have done better for the two biggest roles...that has me upset. Yes rose is supposed to be short but she is supposed to be a dhampir who are short and stocky so they can take down the Strigoi! The girl casted is just too small...lissa I can survive bc she doesn't have the face but she's tall which moroi are so whatever. Roza will be an issue for me!

  3. You people need to reread your books, while im an avid sophia bush fan she would make a terrible rose hathaway, rose is suppose to be tougher than she looks. you have to take that into account, and that no one in the world is going to fit exactly the picture every single person has in there head, stop criticising and be patient, they gave her the part for a reason. She may suprise you. Also about the interview, if she gave anything away no one would see the movie, she could also get in trouble since she sold the rights to the producers to make the movie.


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