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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Vampire Academy Movie: Almost Full Cast

They need a lot of people to fill out this academy, and until now they have done a decent job. But every other week there is a new casting choice announced, and keeping up is a bitch, So I have made a post to basically list the people who have been cast thus far, share some opinion on them, and see what you think about them:

Rose, Zoey Deutch:


Dimitri, Danila Kozlovsky:


Lissa, Luce Fry:

Christian Ozera, Dominic Sherwood:


Tatiana Ivashkov, Joely Richardson:

Victor Dashkov, Gabriel Byrne:

Natalie Dashkov, Sarah Hyland:

Dimitri, reading his western novel.
And yet, still no Adrian (won't get him 'til Frost Bite since he doesn't appear until then). Oh the horror!!

Casting Likes: Sarah Hyland, Gabriel Byrne, Danila Kozlovsky, and Zoey Deutch (I came around on the last two after MUCH pouting and resistance).

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