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Monday 20 May 2013

So I started reading Hopeless by Colleen Hoover...

Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)
"I'm sure the clique of giggling girls behind me that are scantily, yet expensively clad, are expecting my reaction to be to drop my things and run to the nearest restroom crying. There are only three issues with their expectations.
1. I don't cry. Ever.
2. I've been to that restroom and I'll never go back.
3. I like money. Who would run from that?
I set my backpack on the floor of the hallway and pick the money up. There are at least twenty one-dollar bills scattered on the floor, and more than ten still in my locker. I scoop those up as well and shove it all into my backpack. I switch books and shut my locker, then slide my backpack on both shoulders and smile.
"Tell your daddies I said thank you." I walk past the clique of girls (that no longer are giggling) and ignore their glares."
Tell me you DON'T love this girl? She is absolutely FEARLESS (another good title for the book perhaps?). And I think I am liking the writing style of Colleen Hoover, it seems she is determined to write this story with absolutely no filters. Those are the kinds of stories I like best! Like Pushing the Limits, and Dare you To (Dare you To was MARVELOUS! Review to come).

Now, excuse me but I am going to continue reading this. It started off really strong. Hoping it continues to be so all the way to the end (I am kind of sure it will be since every other review I read has the blogger drowning in their own puddle of tears, and aren't those the best books?).


  1. I just bought this recently, and I can't wait to read it! Especially now! :D

  2. I haven't even read the book and I already love it. I WANT THIS. Haha


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