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Thursday, 14 March 2013

J.R.Ward Does it Again!! This time there are 8 yummy teasers (as of 3/14/13) to keep us in line until Lover at Last releases!!!

 Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11)

So it seems J.R. Ward loves her fans, or maybe she just likes to drive us crazy, because she has posted even MORE teaser quotes on her FB page. This is on top of all the previous teasers (6 in fact) she had already  posted. Hallelujah! March 26st can't get here fast enough!!

No idea who this is, but dying to find out.

Oh god no... PLEASE NO... He HAS TO BE OKAY. Just has to be... If he dies I don't think fans will ever forgive J.R.Ward. In my list of Brotherhood men Zhadist is #2, after Wrath (he stole my heart in the first book, what a man/vampire) After Z comes John Matthews.

Sounds like either Payne or Xhex, but who knows.

Wrath!!! <3 p="">

And that's all for now folks. If J.R.Ward posts more teasers I'll post them here, if you want to read the precious teasers J.R.Ward posted click here.

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