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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Delirium TV Show Casting: Alex and Hana have been cast... for better or worse?

You know the book, you love the series. But, do we love the actors/actresses? That is for you to decide, and for me to complain...

Here is the guy they picked for Alex Sheates:

 DAREN KAGASOFF Final Destination 5 Arrivals - P 2013
Daren Kagasoff
News Source
Best known for: The Secret Life of the American Teenager
He is described as having auburn hair, gold eyes, and tan skin. He also has a three-pronged scar that all citizens get after their procedure at around 18, but his is a fake, meaning that he is uncured.

I guess he was the best guy to portray Alex, and hey I don't have many complains about him really. He seems fine, and hair dye/contacts and a good tanning section will fix the rest. I just hope he plays his part well...

Here is an interview (slightly awkward but cute) with Daren Kagasoff. Ignoring that for every other question he either has a "no" or a non-straight-answer, he is cute as a button. Looks much better in video than in photos. And that voice? Swoon worthy, I could hear Alex sounding like that ;)

I just hope Daren is ready to get in touch with his dark side. He is super cute, but Alex has his dangerous edge, specially in Requiem (so far anyways, haven't finished the book).

So final verdict on Alex...

 photo BarneyApproves_zpsf4a8fd26.gif
Barney approves, ergo so do I.

Final picture to drive my point home:

Oh la la!
Now for Hana Tate on the other hand...

Lauren Oliver Giving the news about Hana
Jeanine Mason

Best Known For: She is a dancer? But other than she is on Bunheads, a TV Show I happen to really like, though I am not a fan of her character sad to say =/
She is very tall, has golden blonde hair, and her eyes flash the color of blue, green, and gold whenever she's excited about something. hana is quite curious and wonders if Invalids are real, but she refuses to find out for herself for she is satisfied with her life in Portland.

Not what I pictures at ALL for Hana. I was expecting traditional blonde beauty. Delicate features, easy going, blonde New York upper west side girl. Someone like...

Brit Marling...


Or my favorite girl for the part, Britt Robertson...

From Life Unexpected
This woman is my ideal Hana; she has been dream cast!
Not that Jeanine isn't a beautiful girl, she really is, I just don't see her as Hana. I've seen her act, and honestly she is a great dancer but actress? I don't know... Watch Bunheads and you let me know.

Here is a video of Jeanine dancing in Bunheads:

Final Verdict on Hana...

 photo Barneykillinghimself3_zpsaa6df79f.gif
Barney has spoken!
What do you think? Who would you have chosen? Do you think they made the right decision  What do you think about the future of this shaky new series?

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  1. I totally pictured Britt Robertson as well... I dont actually know either of those two, so I`ll just see how it will turn out.

  2. We shall see! I like the guy, yums!

  3. I totally agree with you. She if def not at all who I pictured for Hana but Alex...pretty good *applause*

  4. Alex...<3 and Hana..... they should really rethink....

  5. wtf not what I pictured AT ALL. I'm so upset wow

  6. Alex is PERF<3 Freya Mavor would've been my favorite choice for Hana Tate!! GAH! Hopefully they will make it work somehow....


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