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Monday 18 February 2013

So I started reading The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa...

The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)

Fear  shot through me. I gave a frantic leap for the edge of the tunnel, just as the catwalk snapped and plummeted into the hored below. I hit the all a few inches from the edge and clawed desperately for a handhold, my fingers scrabbling agaisnt the smooth wall as I slid toward the wailing sea of death below.

Something clamped around my wrist, jerking me to a stop. Wide-eyed, I l;ooked up to see Jackal on his stomach, one hand around my arm, his jaw clenched. His face was tight with concentration as he started to pull me up.

A reeking, skeletal body landed on my back, sinking claws into my shoulders, screaming in my ear. I snarled in pain, ducking my head as the rabid tore at my collar, trying to bite my neck. I couldn't do anything, but Jackal reached down with his other hand, drew the katana from its sheath on my back, and plunged it into the rabid. The weight clinging to me dropped away as the rabid screeched and fell back into the mob below, and jackal yanked me into the tunnel.

I collapsed agaisnt the wall, staring at him as he glared down at the rabids. He...had just saved my life. Stunned, I watched him approach and hold the katana hilt out to me.

"So," His gold eyes shone as he gazes into mine. "I think I'm entitled to a smart comment or two now, don't you think?"
 I'd say! So this book took an unexpected turn! It's good so far, a lot of things are happening, and a couple of unlikely alliances are blooming (anybody remember what an evil jackass -HA! Get it? Jack-ass? LOL- Jackal was in the last book? I do!). This is going to be an awesome book, I can feel it!! I am still not a fan of the cover, but I am a fan of the words.

I hope you enjoyed the teaser =D Let me know if you want more... ;)


  1. Love the teaser. I can't wait for this book, even though it annoys me that my covers won't match!

  2. Can't wait to read this one!

  3. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE PLEEEEASE I BEG YOU. I am going crazy waiting for this book :/


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