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Friday 8 February 2013

Review: A Taste of True Blood: The Fangbanger's Guide by Leah Wilson, and many many other authors.

A Taste of True Blood by Leah Wilson
Title: A Taste of Blood
Author: Leah Wilson, and many other authors.
Series: n/a
Book #: 1
Pages: 224
Reading Level: YA/Adult
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 3.63
Published: June 29th, 2010

True Blood, Alan Ball’s critically acclaimed television adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ bestselling Southern Vampire mysteries, is HBO’s most-watched show since The Sopranos, averaging over 12 million viewers an episode in its second season. Thanks to its large, dedicated fanbase, it won the People’s Choice Favorite TV Obsession” award in early 2010.

A Taste of True Blood: The Fangbanger’s Guide gives those fans something to savor between episodes—and whets their appetite for more. Covering the show’s first two seasons and released just in time for the third (with real-time online updates from the book’s contributors throughout season three), the book includes pieces on:
  • Vampire Bill’s season 2 slide from hot to not
  • Sookie’s mind-reading talents as a critique of our oversharing Facebook culture
  • What a Louisiana setting adds to the traditional vampire myth
  • Why the television series had to differ from the books (co-written by the Southern Vampire mysteries’ editor Ginjer Buchanan)
  • And much more, from shapeshifters to maenads to Merlotte’s
A Taste of True Blood also includes a quick reference guide to the show’s first two seasons.

Taschima's POV:

I love Smart Pop books with all my heart. They always publish books like these about my favorite shows, and I always devour them. If you are not a fan of True Blood, then this book is not for you. If you are a fan of True Blood then you need to read this book. A Taste of True Blood for me was like having all those much needed conversations that I dream I have with my friends about the show (only not cause my friends don't watch it).

This is the kind of book you really have to be in the mood to read because it has tons and tons of essays, so taking a break in the middle of it might be a good idea. Maybe watch an episode of True Blood in between, believe me that after reading even one of these essays you will have the need to put some True Blood on your T.V.

Not all the essays are golden, there are some that were downright boring to me, but most of them were good reads. I of course had favorites, and those were:
  1. Vampire Porn Essay by Daniel M. Kimmel- An essay that dissects True Blood's opening sequence that will make you think twice about the importance of a show's beginning credits. Thumbs up!
  2. ...The Downfall of William T. Compton- as the title suggests this essay is about Bill's fall from grace. How he went Holy-Hell-what-a-hottie to overly lame. I partially agree with the writer, but that doesn't mean the essay is not 100% hilarious.
  3. I love you, I just don't want to know you (so much) by Bev Katz Rosenbaum- An essay about on how True Blood can be "regarded as a big critique on out oversharing culture."

    A+! It was so interesting, stating great points about the lack of privacy in this day and age, and the writing had a nice kick to it.
  4. From Castle Dracula to Merlotte's Bar & Grill by Bruce and Karen Bethke

    A great ending to a fantastic Smart Pop book. They were funny, they explored the appeal of vampires, specially True Blood, for both men and women nowadays and how it has changed through the ages. They had amazing banter right on the page!
  5. Adapt- or die! by Ginjer Buchanan

    Thumbs up, up, up! This essay was all about how Allan adapted the series from book to screen, the choices made, how they changed/improved the series, and basically the road to adaptation. VERY interesting.
A Taste of True Blood brings relief, makes you feel less alone to think people (authors!) that watch your same favorite shows have opinions that are similar to yours. It's wonderful getting to know different point of views about the series, and a little outrageous when you completely disagree with an author's opinion on an aspect of the show (but still fun).

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