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Friday 14 September 2012

The Ugly Truth about E-readers

I've never been a big supporter of the e-reader. My family knows this, you guys know it, hell my cat by association knows it. I've always considered them to be, impersonal, cold, un-book-smelly, the enemy. Because if e-readers are here it must mean that books will surely go out the door next, right? RIGHT? That is the fear many of us have anyways. I love my books! They look wonderful on my shelves. They brighten my room.They tell stories to anybody that comes into my room and wants to just pick a random book up. They specially tell a story about me to anybody interested enough to dig a little big deeper. But...

Are you ready for the Ugly truth about e-readers? Are you, really? Well here it goes...
They are a necessary evil.
Necessary? Necessary? Are you out of your mind, you crazy woman?
Maybe I am, but hear me out.
My room? Looks like that room up there in that picture. It's covered in books, and it's absolutely beautiful, true, but I miss my walls and I would really like to see them again some day. I am a college student. My room? Not that big. Its "normal" size, and I don't have free reign to put as many bookshelves as I want in the living room either (I have about two shelves-books and DVDs- out there already; my roommates are nice). I have absolutely no wall space left to put any more shelves even if I wanted to, and the books? They just keep on coming! They are now under the bed, on top of my desk (which I would like to use to maybe study), on my kitchennette... basically everywhere.
I need room to breathe.
I need an e-reader.
Not to say I will stop buying actual books. Hey, I am already commited to dozens of different series, do you really think I am just going to buy the sequels in e-print and leave those other solid books alone? Nah! I'll buy all the sequels to my favorite series without fail. I will also buy hard copies of books I really really was eagerly expecting and seem to be a winner, and if I buy a book in e-print but love it afterwards? Well, that book just has to join the 'Favorites' club in my shelf; it is an exclusive club, you have to be very good to get in. Plus, I will also buy the books with the jaw dropping covers. I can't help it. They're sparkly and I want them on my shelf NOW.
Anyways, that is the ugly truth about e-readers.
It took me years to understand the allure.
PS; I am thinking (more like my mother told me my birthday present in advance) of getting a Nook. I till haven't decided if a Nook Color or the Nook Tablet. Probably the tablet, more memory space plus it's supposed to be faster, and hey it's a birthday present!


  1. I felt the same way for a long time but you have a great point-when you have little space they come in handy. I love mine because I download those GIANT books on mine-Game of Throne series and I dont have to pack around a 1000 page book all the time. I still buy the books with the amazing covers-always will.

  2. I used to hate ereaders, too. But I changed my mind for the same reason you pointed out in this post. My room is completely filled with books, too. There is no space for more shelves. I already had to ban some of my older books to the attic. And though I still live at my parent's for one more year I can't find another place for books, because the only room left without a bookshelf in it is the bathroom. I don't think books in the bathroom are a good idea :D
    Anyway I think the books give my room a wonderful atmosphere and they really show who I am... :D

  3. True, I was against an ereader but you're right about the space. Especially when I travel, I can't carry a ton of books with me but my ereader fits as many without the extra pounds!

    also, I believe from an environmental point of view, this would be saving papers, i.e.: trees.

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  4. As a librarian, I resisted ereaders, but as a reader, I can't deny how they simplify my life. My Nook is my best friend when it comes time to travel. My house is still filled to the brim with books, especially after conferences, but my luggage is not. I can't (really, I can't) travel without at least four or five books. That gets heavy fast.

    My house still has room for books, but not much. I've become more picky about what gets a hard copy and what gets an ebook- price is a determining factor, but also, how many times will I read the book?

    I have the Nook app on my iPhone and I can tell you that's great in a pinch too. I always, always have something to read. And now I look just like everyone else with their phone out- antisocial in the socially acceptable way. :)

  5. Ebooks are like all i read for almost a year now, it's convenient and a lot easier but i still like browsing the bookstore shelves when i get the chance.


  6. I felt the same way too until I ended up getting an e-reader and fell deeply in love with it, haha. I love how convenient it is and it does save me a lot of space. I don't see myself not buying paper books however; in fact, I've read 2 e-books (which I downloaded from my library for free--another awesome perk) that I loved so much that I HAVE to buy them in paper form. And I will. So for me, it only makes me want to get more books ;)

    I also like e-arcs. Those are extremely convenient for bloggers and publishers. Plus whenever I finish one, I don't have to worry about finding it a new home like I do with paper arcs. It's a good trade off, really.

    As for e-books taking over paper books...I don't remember who said this quote but it went something like this: "worrying about e-books taking over is like worrying about elevators taking over stairs: they'll both always be there." Or something like that. I know I'm mangling that quote.

  7. So true! I think the one thing that saves me from your dilemma is
    1. I'm international therefore my country lacks the genius that is NEW ARRIVALS sections on bookstores as well as DEBUT AUTHORs.... I don't get new books here and if I do get them it's just because they made a BIG impact first in the US, say like, TMI, Twilight, Divergent...
    2. I didn't own a credit card up until a week or so ago... But even if I do own it now my job doesn't pay as much as I'd like so... T_T not many orders to make... which takes me to the
    3. The book depository doesn't ship here... This means the only site I trust to buy from is amazon and it charges the price of TWO books to ship me the ones I want T_T

    Conclusion, the books I have were either begged to bring here to the bookstore I frequent, gifted from my bookangels around the world or won from giveaways... Which means I don't have as many books as I would if I were living in north america, aus, NZ, UK or all those awesome places where you can get books :D

    Punch line? I own a tablet and I have downloaded a kindle app there... I own a LOT of kindle books now... even though
    Printed editions will forever be my FIRST and ONLY lovers!!

  8. My first love is also the printed book. But there are some novels that you can only get in e-form. A year ago i would have laughed at the thought of getting an e-reader. But as the months progressed, I realized it's even hard for me to read on a laptop those e-books. I still wouldn't have ever owned an e-reader if it weren't for four couples in my family getting together to buy me a Kindle Fire - I feel very lucky. It's not often that the adults in my family get birthday presents - but this year everyone pitched in for me.

    So now, I think I'll use it for the books I can't get in print, and the books I'm not sure about buying. but my favs? always for print (except for those few that are only e-form.)

  9. I though the exact same thing about e-readers until my mom in law bought me a Kindle for my birthday a couple of years ago. I kind of sighed about it, and then called her and said thank you. Hung up and sighed again and thought that I would never use it. I ended up loving it. I still read books most often, and I always will. But it is nice to take on vacations, and for the instant gratification it offers. I will never love it as much as I love my books, but it is something that I really do enjoy now. Don't feel bad about it. The books know you love them!

  10. I bought an e-reader because my piles of books were getting out of control but I still prefer to read actual books instead of the e-books. Also, I absolutely don't want print books to go away so am kind of hesitate to fully support e-books and e-readers. For me, I find that I enjoy the story more and pay attention better when I am reading a print book vs. an e-book. So now, I have stack of books and over 200 books on my e-reader (lots of freebies)... not sure I gained anything but more books to read :)

    Suz Reads


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