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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Beautiful Creatures has a Trailer... and it is surprisingly good!

I haven't been a big supporter of the Beautiful Creatures movie. Mostly because from what little I'd seen I was unimpressed. But after watching this trailer... I have to say they are making some good work. It looks sort of good on the trailer, but will it impress as a whole film? I have very little expectations, so hopefully this one will be good and not a flop.

Here is the trailer.

You will need Quicktime to watch it it seems because it's exclusively Itunes property right now. And you know whats the kicker? Quicktime was giving me a hard time in order to watch it! I finally just downloaded the trailer. And I have to say...
  1. Ethan... he looks bad. Not at all what I pictured while reading the novel, and we are talking post make up and post "making the character come alive". He looks... old. In fact, like a bit of a creep  when he is making googly eyes at Lena (not how I pictured her either, too young, but she will work). I can't stand it, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep from gagging when I go see the movie (you know I'm going to go!). He is supposed to be this young athlete! No...no...no.
  2. The setting looks pretty amazing. I will give them that. And that poster? To die for. I kind of want it on my wall, I kind of want the book to be re released with that picture as it;s cover, no lie!
I will try to keep a positive attitude when the movie hits the theaters, but I hold no promises. That Ethan... My Ethan shall always be:

Robbie Amell, this boy right here.


  1. Hey!
    I love the book and I think that the trailer is cool...but I don't like of the Ethan of the movie too...he looks to old...But of course that I going to see the movie :D

  2. The trailer is great! I agree with you that Ethan looks a little old and not what I pictured when I read the book. I like your Ethan better! Thanks for this great post and sharing Robbie Amell's picture :)

    Suz Reads


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