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Saturday 16 June 2012

So I started reading The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

"I was so surprised that I couldn't muster a response right away. When I did, I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Of course I don't." He still wouldn't look at me, apparently not believing my words. "Adrian." I laid my hand over his and felt a warm spark of connection.

He jerked his head toward me in astonishment. "Nothing he said could change what I think of you. I've had my mind made up about you for a long time... and it's all good." 

Adrian looked away from me and down to where my hand covered his. I blushed and pulled away. "Sorry" I'd probably freaked him out.

He glanced back at me. "Best thing that's happened to me all day. Let's hit the road."

Aww! As of right now my favorite parts of the book include anything that has to do with Sydney and Adrian + anything, at all, that has to do with Dimitri. SPOILER if you haven't read Bloodlines true, but Dimitri is in The Golden Lily!! Which makes the book just that much better.

"There has been a bit of a culture shock," I admitted, unsure as to why I was defending Angeline, "And those guys today... I mean, if they'd tried to get me to join their sing-along, I probably would've punched them too." 

"Unacceptable," said Dimitri. He used to be a combat instructor, and I could understand why. "She's here on a mission. What she did was reckless and irresponsible." 

Sonya gave him a sly smile. "And here I thought you had a soft spot for reckless young girls." 

"Rose never would have done anything like that," he countered. He paused to reconsider, and I coul've sworn there was the hint of a smile there. "Well, at least not in such a public setting."

At least he knows his girl ;) I'm so sad we haven't seen any Rose or Lissa in this book, not even any news about what's going on on the other side. But I'll survive as long as the teasing and witty banter keeps coming.

Let's continue reading!


  1. Aaah, I can't wait to get my copy and start reading it! It's supposed to be here Monday, the day before my birthday. I'm so excited. LOVE Richelle Mead.

  2. Who doesn't love Richelle Mead?! It's going good, though it could be better.

  3. Aaah! I finished this book a few days ago, and THE ENDING!!! :( Lol.

  4. @Natalie See, the ending didn't leave me heart broken or even frustrated, like I said in Goodreads I think I wasn't heart broken or frustrated because I knew it was going to happen. I know Sydney, and she won't just turn her back on her basic beliefs because she feels a tiny butterfly carnival with fireworks in her stomach when she touches Adrian. It just isn't her, it's gonna take her time to let herself be vulnerable with Adrian, him being a Moroi and all.

  5. I seriously want this book! it came out the day before my birthday and I want Dimitri too!!! :D I heard he's kind of rude to Adrian!

  6. @Arianne Who said this blasphemy! Dimitri is not rude nor mean to Adrian, Adrian is just extra touchy lol Read TGL and you'll see :)


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