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Sunday 3 June 2012

Who's going to New York Tomorrow?

I am going here! Look at that monstrosity, can hardly wait.

This girl! Along with about 10 other blogger friends!! I still need to pack, and create posts so I have something for this week (I may do day to day BEA posts, but those would take a while). I will try to do that horrible Twitter thing too, give updates and such. I can't wait!!!!!

I am going to be among these people, running walking gracefully like a maniac along side them.
If you want to chat or meet let mw know! And this is a picture of me so you will be able to recognize me:

Rocking it out.

You might need a more updated one... Oh well this is me:

Again these are some links that might be helpful to you if you are going to BEA as well:
See ya guys there! Time to pack!


  1. Oh you look so cute ^_^. Your expression kind of reminds me of Amy Pond from Doctor Who, the hair colour might have something to do with it too. Thanks a lot for the YA friendly schedule!

  2. Have Fun!!
    Don't forget the little people sitting at home waiting for updates!

  3. soo cool!! I wish I could go!! I live in Spain, so my chances would be pretty slim!!
    You are so beautiful (both as a baby and now!!)


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