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Wednesday 13 June 2012

HOT NEWS: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Photos- First Look at Renesmee and the Happy Family!

I still can't get over the name, but I love the actress they picked to play Renesmee. She really does look like Kristen and Robert's daughter, and that is a scary thought.

And of course who got the first pics? Entertainment weekly! I love those guys! I wish to work for them some day, intern with them, I will check mail and pick up coffee! *uhum* anyways, the lovely people at EW have released their next cover along with pictures of Breaking Dawn part 2. Let's add some dialogue to the photos shall we?

God, they all look so similar. That little girl is adorable! I might just watch the movie for her performance. And to see how in the heavens they are going to treat the whole Renesmee-turns-5-over-night thing.

Bella: I'll protect you all with my killer looks!
Renesmee: Let me out woman!
RObert: There, there, let mommy kick some ass for once.

Aaam, awkward...
Jacob: Hey Bella I have the hots for your little, born last night, girl. (since I can't seem to have you I might as well have your children).
Bella: Oh Jacob I am not all at creeped out by this! Please procreate as soon as you can, can't let your good looks go to waste!
Edward: * solemn look*
Bella: Oh Edward now I am pretty enough even for you! Let's go break the honeymoon cabin once more!

Don't they know how to smile? Damn, a happy family pic is not much to ask for!
Uuh Bella is strong! That guy is hot...

In other news, Dakota Fanning is alive!

Renesmee: So tell me how you and mommy met again?
Jacob: Well you see my love, I mean Renesmee, your mom had just gotten to our little gloomy town and I instantly had the hots for her. I pursued her, kissed her, and pretty much fell into a deep depression when she picked your dad. But it's all fine now because I imprinted with you so now we can all be friends!

Weird vamps...
More weird vamps...

Another Hallmark family moment.

The Indians are coming!

All of these photos are possible thanks to EW and their fantastic people. So what do you think about the photos? They look amazing, but how can this movie turn out to be anything but awkward and disappointing? They don't fight, and Jacob ends up with the little girl. Do you think the movie people will take a shot and change the ending? If only...


  1. Ohmysweetgoodness. I am beyond excited for this movie now. Seriously, these pictures are amazing. Thank you SO much for posting them!

  2. I loved your comments.

    The actress for Renesmee is just SO CUTE! I want to hug her! :)

  3. I have literally morphed into a screaming teenager at the thought of seeing this movie. CAN'T WAIT!!!

    So is this magazine on the shelves yet?

  4. I loved the unconventional ending. The big fight is so cliche' I thank God Meyers avoided it. These pics are pure awesome!
    Can't wait to see it! :)
    Janiera @ Books & Beauty

  5. Love it. And it's amazing how clothes can make a person look older 'cause that cutie sweater dress makes her looks more mature.


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