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Friday 24 February 2012

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra - Exclusive Trailer and Post War Information

I am a fan of Avatar: The last Airbender, and though I am sad that it seems that in this "sequel" of sorts the Aang gang has died (yeah, found some info online guys) I am also a little glad we get to see a bit of this world's future. Anyways, here is the trailer:

At first I thought Korra was Aang's daughter, but she is not. Instead we get to see Aang's only airbender son Tenzin (click for more detailed info on the character), who doesn't seem to be half as much fun as Aang was.

Tenzin and his Family

 I say Aang should have been spreading his seed through the country to make a lot of air bender babies, but that is just me. Tenzin seems to have 3 airbending children, and another child on the way. Still this is slow progress on the airbending line- should have slept around Aang.

To be honest, I am more into this series because it will give us a glimpse at what happen to the gang. What happened to Zuko? Did he manage to find his mother? What happened to Toph? I know Toph has a daughter (Bei Fong) and starts teaching earthbenders Metal Bending (she makes an academy and all, how f ing cool is that?) What happened to Sokka? (it seems no one knows). We all know what happened to Katara, she married Aang and started popping out babies.

Something that brightened my day? Aang finds an island filled with lost flying bison, along with a new type of winged-lemur, the ring-tailed winged-lemur. Even the animals get a happy ending in this story.

PS; All the linked name's go to their page @Avatar Wikia. Here is where I found all my information and where you can find more info as to what happen to our beloved characters After The War.

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  1. Oh MAN I loved the Last Airbender series. I'm personally a little impressed that they're jumping two generations into the future: it gives us a chance to see the world from a different perspective.

    Also: it gives us a new avatar, which goes Water Earth Fire Air --> Water, again, yes?

    I guess Katara and Aang mixed it up a little by marrying each other.


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