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Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Hunger Games: Brand New Scenes

New freaking scenes!! What are you waiting for? Click ans watch to your hearts content!! Also I have these 3 very pretty images and an interview with the Producer who also has some new scenes. It is a glorious day!

My favorite part...


The emotion that Jennifer shows... Oh god she is such a good actress, and the perfect Katniss!


Since the assholes people at Lionsgate decided that the fans shouldn't be able to see the cut scenes from the movie that were published on ET, I can only provide gifs for now. I wish you guys could have watched the video... believe me, it was good. If anyone finds a link to a watchable video please let me know and I will post it.

Update to the Update:

Thanks to the lovely Chelsea2788 we have a trailer #2. Thank you nfor the very bottom of my heart.

I'm so happy cause today I saw new Hunger Games footage!! What is your favorite part? Tell me all about it in a comment.


  1. They have deleted the youtube video due to it being copywrited. :(

  2. Assholes... I will try to look for material, see if I can find anything else.

  3. I couldn't watch the video either. I CANNOT wait for this movie to come out! This series has made it into my top five favorites!

  4. Bummer. I really wanted to check out the video. I cannot wait to see this movie! I just got around to reading the books over Christmas break and they were so good I finished them all in like a week. I hope the movie does the books justice.

  5. So excited for this movie! I saw a few gifs on Tumblr, too, but I wish they had SOUND...

  6. I got to see the video!!! It was awesome making :D

  7. This one worked for me :) Hope it helps


  8. I've just watched the 1st trailer and that's it. I'm excited for this movie but not that excited. I don't know why though :(

  9. I love her flicker of emotions, especially in the last picture.


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