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Friday 24 February 2012

Discussion Post: If I Die... My Theory

If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)
but it is fairly in the beginning of this book so I will only be speculating.

Read at your own risk.

Right now I am on page 119 of If I Die, and while on a normal day I would have finished the book by now I am trying to keep up with blogging (making up for lost time) and trying to make As in college (3 midterms next week... oh life you bitch) but yesterday while I was doing my hair I got to thinking, because on this novel Kaylee's borrowed time is up and she is about to die in 4 days, on the possible outcomes of this supposed death. I see it going in two ways...

1. The normal boring way, they find a loophole and she keeps living a normal life. It seems like the easy way out. I'm sure the author would make this happen in the most suspenseful way, but I somehow expect more from Rachel Vincent. I expect something... shocking, and extraordinary. So that leads me to route number two...

2. Kaylee dies, and she becomes a reaper. This would complicate things SO much. For one, she has made this deal with Sabine that once her body is cold and dead she has Kaylee's blessing to be with Nash (her body technically would be cold and dead, though she is still living so that would make for a set of interesting repercussions). Another thing is Tod. Maybe if she dies and becomes a reaper I will get MY love story line that would involve Tod. Nash just sucks! Tod is the way to go! And he has the hots for Kaylee, and she does too a little (though she wouldn't admit it), and I just want to see HIM in the love spotlight for a change. Leave Nash with Sabine for all I care. Imagine him, being Kay's tutor, helping her like Nash could never really help her... It could so happen. Another thing this would bring is that well, we would be off the whole high school scenario, unless she manages to die with no one noticing and she continues with her normal life, sort of normal kid by day and crazy reaper ninja at night.

Then again, this is only my imagination going crazy, it might not even happen, but imagine if it did... I would so give the book a 5 star rating.

Anyways, I just wanted to ramble for a bit about my latest read and share my wild theories. Has anybody read this book? Will this happen? Will it not? What do you think about this outcome I have come up with? It has fan fiction potential...

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