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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Cover Revealed: Destined by PC Cast (House of Night Fans!)

I myself may not be a House of Night fan anymore, but I keep up with the news. The latest being the cover reveal of the next House Of Night novel, Destined.

Hardcover, 336 pages
Expected publication: October 25th 2011 by St. Martin's Griffin

In case you were wondering this is the 9th novel of The House of Night. You read me correctly, ninth if you don't count Dragon's Novella. As always a very alluring cover, but what is to be expected from the people who hit the jackpot with their cover designer? I am assuming this is Kalona (because of the "devil" shadow in the back). He looks like the type of guy you would find in romance novels covers. Attractive, almost too good to be true.

**Edit: It seems this is not Kalona, but Heath? O.o What the hell, Heath? When did you become so foxy borderlining on Playboy? His new name is Aurox or something, damn I am lost when it comes to this series, time to flip through the last book again...
I like it just fine, but now the real question here is, do you?


  1. Meh. The House of Night covers are always gorgeous, but I'm so sick of the books. I'm at the point where I want to know what happens in the end but I don't want to actually read the novels.

  2. he's hot and delicious looking. I thought it was Rephaim in his human form... but now I notice the shadow, I probably would agree with you... Like you said, he seems like he's too good to be true, and Kalona is too beautiful for anybody's good haha

  3. I thought it was Rephaim considering he just turned into a human and he was the one who helped Stevie Rae with the bull - maybe who knows. At least not until we get the new book.

  4. @K I hear ya sister!!

    @Boriquaz They describe Rephaim as being more indian looking, and the guy in the cover is definitely not indian looking, plus Rephaim already had a cover, Awakened has Rephaim in the cover. Plus I don't think that they would put a devil shadow on Rephaim, not anymore anyways.


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