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Monday 8 August 2011

Vampire Academy Movie News: Choosing the Actors/Actresses at Facebook (Rose Edition)

So at The Vampire Academy Official Facebook Page they are having this huge thing were each Monday they put up a poll and the fans get to choose which actor/actress they want to play their favoite characters. It's pretty amazing, and Ive been going at it for weeks (you know I have a pretty set opinion when it comes to casting) but it totally slipped my mind to let you know so you can vote! Don't worry, I would be mad at me too.

I'm going to one post per character they put on the poll (because if not the post would go on forever and I don't want that). You will get to see them here and go to the page and vote (you have to have a Facebook account and you have to technically 'like' the page).

Here it goes:

Now for Rose they made two different polls because they have SO many actresses to choose from, but there is one in each poll that is way ahead of the rest.

Full Name: Rosemarie Hathaway
Nicknames: Rose, Roza, Little Dhampir
Age: 17
Hair: Long dark brown, almost black
Eyes: Brown
Status: Dhampir
Molnija Marks: 2 plus a special tattoo for her part in the battle in Shadow Kiss
First Introduced In: Vampire Academy

First Poll:

Odette Yustman - 7,448

Phoebe Tonkin - 1,015

Minka Kelly - 690

(Dawn? Get out of here)
Michelle Trachtenberg - 581

shay mitchell
Shay Mitchell - 393

Jessica Lowndes - 327

Naya Rivera Actress and "Glee" cast member Naya Rivera arrives at her 23rd birthday celebration at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel & Casino early February 7, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Naya Rivera - 269

Second Poll:

(Hello Rose! So nice to see you)
Sophia Bush - 4,977

(My second choice should Sophia Bush fall down the stairs)
 Lindsy Fonseca - 1,722

(Aren't you from Vampire Diaries?)
Nina Dobrov - 1,248

Lucy Hale - 615

(No... no... no...)
Alexandra Daddario - 573

Victoria Justice - 420

Selena Gomez - 336

Elizabeth Gillies - 316

Christa B. Allen Celebrities walk the red carpet at the 'Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past' Los Angeles Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
Christa B Allen - 157

(even she is scared of the possibilities)
Emilia Clark - 135

The thing about these polls is most people don't research the pictures of people they are voting for. They just see a famous name and go for it. But obviously some of these actresses are more fit for the role than others (Selena Gomez really? I mean I love this girl, but she is NOT Rose Hathaway). I went ahead and looked for pictures for you guys. I swear I choose ones that looked good, not being a complete biased person and making everyone but Sophia Bush look bad.

Who do you think should win the amazing role that is Rose Hathaway. She is the next Dhampire in the block, a great fighter and a fantastic best friend.

Choose well, VOTE HERE, and comment on this post letting me know who you voted for and why ^^


  1. Hmm I don't know most of these actresses and would like to see a couple of people I don't know playing the roles in Vampire Academy.

    I think I'll go vote for Phoebe Tonkin from her filmography it looks like she can do action no idea if she can act but I'll vote for her.

  2. wow not so much how I picture Rose BUT some might make it even if they were a last resource to me...still thanks for sharing this :D

  3. I just googled this after I saw this post....I reckon these people would make a good Rose...(dont look at the age..):
    Rosario Dawson, Nikki Reed,Rhona Mitra,Chloe Moretz(she's young enough) Thats about all I could find, but if I had to choose from the fb list I would go with Naya Rivera, Lindsey Fonseca or Sophia Bush (of course) :)


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