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Sunday 31 May 2009

What The...

Gets all excited. Battles with myspace so it lets her watch the trailer. Gives up. JA! Got ya myspace! Watches the trailer AND... WTF!?!!

Ok, now I'm scared. When the hell Jacob does that in the book? Ill tell ya when, NEVER! The trailer its already screwing the book. I am not happy. No happy dance with this trailer (>"<). I feel like I've been robbed. Why?!! 

Why don't they stick with the book? I don't get it. I mean the book is large, but they can go throu it rather fast. Half of the book is Bella whining which really they could cut 99.9% of that, and stick with all the other stuff. I'm afraid that this movie will be rather disappointing.

Sad Panda.


  1. I was pissed at first, too! But if you look closer, you see Bella is wearing two different outfits. And Bella is in a clearing, then suddenly there's a house. They just pasted those scenes together for the trailer. NO WORRIES. Well, still, maybe a little. :D

  2. Hmm, I HOPE ur right, I really do...


  3. Its a teaser trailer ... nothing that shows on the trailers goes to the movie... but still I dont remember bella running to jacobs house and he transforming into a wolf

    Btw Fairynne its right she is wearing 2 diferent outfits and a bag pack first

    Anyways the transformations was KOOOOOL

  4. Its doesn't matter, that just doesn't happen!

  5. Well, they change some things to make it more theatrically appealing. With books turning into movies, you can't be too picky. As far as Twilight goes, they stick as close to the books more so than any other book turned movie I've ever seen.

    Plus the movie isn't even out yet, why get all angry over something that comes out in 6 months? I say wait and see... maybe you'll really love it. ;)

  6. This happens a lot...I hate it when they stray too far from the book.

  7. Thats why movies should say "Based on the Twilight book series"

  8. Movies made from good books are always a little disappointing. Don't worry, my fingers are crossed too :-)

  9. Never expect movies to be exactly like the books...unless they're BBC movies and are over 3 hours long... I just saw the trailer a few minutes ago and I liked it, even though that whole scene with Jacob DOESN'T happen. She's not supposed to see him transform. But I have to admit, the part where Taylor jumps and lands as a wolf...that part was sick!

    YES I LOVE THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY SERIES. AUUUGH. My friend made me read the first one and I'm so glad I did! I owe her big-time!

  10. I know T-T Its sad, but true...

    And yes it looks awesome when he transforms!

  11. It does look awesome when he transforms!

    I love Vampire Academy. It's amazing. <3


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