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Sunday 31 May 2009

HP and New Moon Madness!!

The time is coming. Yes, what we all been waiting for is almost finally here... 
The new Harry Potter movie!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! See the trailer here!

Isn't it amazing? I am a total HP fan. Been one since I was 12. Don't care what anybody thinks about it, I think it rocks your socks period! 

Thinking about it I will be one of those people who will make the line since the break of dawn to watch the movie and be one of the first in line!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahaha (evil laugh)!!!!

And dear BB if you are reading this, yes to what you are thinking. I am going to make you do the line with me!!!!!!!!! Whether you like it or not!! <(' ' ^) woot woot!

Other than the super duper awesome HP trailer, the New Moon trailer is coming out, you guessed it, tonight! After 7:45 PM PST on Myspace Trailer Park. 


  1. ::fangirl scream::
    i love HP!!!
    as for new moon..

  2. Uuuuhhh! the teaser from MTV movie awards fron the "New Moon" movie was erm too kool... the jacob transformation was jaw dropping.... I want to see MORE NAO!

  3. BTW I dont mine doing the line with you....


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