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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Charlotte Allen

 Here is my least favorite person of the CENTURY. Ive only read two articles that she has written, and with only these two I conclude that she is closed-minded, doesn't know how to make a point, and is just plain sexist. I was at an Aetheist group called Just for Atheist when I see this post that starts like this: " I can't stand aetheists -- but it's not because they don't believe in God. It's because they're crashing bores". I click at the post, read, and become dumb strucked. Seriously, I know everybody deserves to have their own opinion, but I have to agree with Paikea and say that if the article had started with "I can't stand christians/jews/ whatever you believe in..." this article would have not seen the light of day. I don't know how her articles get published in respected newspapers, it just doesn't make sense. 

Here is a link to the absurd article.
And here is the counter by much respected professor PZ Myers.

What do you think about this whole thing? Even if you do believe in something, don't you think this just crossed the line? Would you like your beliefs to be attacked like this on the Los Angeles Times? 

Oh and this is not all, not only is she an atheist hater, but apperantly she is also a women hater. She wrote this article about how women are dumb, and how they may even be the inferior sex. I know some women may act a little, am, over emotional I may say, about some things, but to call us dumb? Inferior sex? Charlottle Allen loves to cross the line, in fact, I don't think she even knows where the line starts and ends. It's just a blimp in her radar. Im all for the say "what you belief and don't look back thing" but there is stating what you belief, being just plain mean and prejudice. 

The "Women are dumd" article. 

Charlotte Allen is the author of "the Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus" and a contibuting editor to the Minding, the Campus website of the Manhattan Institute.


  1. She must be an emotional and IQ train wreck. First If she believes in religion, the first thing that all religions says is, "we are made in image of god" so why women are dumb or the inferior sex? So is she telling god that he is dumb?
    Someone kill her an put her out of her misery

  2. i thought she was a woman... so was is she hating on herself?
    Yes that's a question for you to think about.

  3. She is a woman, and if she IS hating on herself well then, does she have to make it a general thing?

  4. Reading the "How Dumb Can We Get" article I was first horrified, then mildly in agreement, and then horrified again. Judging women by what's reported in the media (ie. at the Obama rallies) is unfair as the media likes to portray women as daft. Then what Allen was saying about the absolute crap that women lap up rang true with me--dip into the women's fiction best-seller list at some time and I dare you not to cringe. I had to review a Cathy Kelly book last year and I thought it would be easier to shoot myself rather than suffer the inanity. But Allen gets to her ugly, conservative, mysoginistic point near the end: why don't women "revel in the things most important to life at which nearly all of us excel: tenderness toward children and men and the weak and the ability to make a house a home." I think I'm going to puke. Or scream.


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