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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ever had a Book Related Detention?

When I was in high school I had detention once and only once. I know a lot of people say this, but my teacher really did have it out for me! Girls all around me pull off 3 times the amount of crap that I did (I talked to my friends and occasionally read when my work was done, sue me) but alas I got the detention for refusing to move out of my chair that was close to my friends and sitting up front. Bitch.

Anyways, now that I see these kinds of detention I feel bad because if I was ever going to have detention I wish my detention slip would reflect the reader in me, like these detention slips reflect the readers (or movie watchers) in these kids:

The Hunger Games Detention:

For yelling 'That is mahogany!' when student dropped book on desk.
Harry Potter Detention:

Calling a teacher s "muggle"
And my favourite...

These detentions I found on this site.

Aren't these just hilarious? I saw them and I thought I should share with you guys immediately. Have you ever gotten a detention along these lines? Or gotten reprimanded for reading a book in class?


  1. Love them! I respect the kid that shouted 'That is Mahogany'.

  2. This just made my day. I never got detention, but I did get sent out in the hallway in high school for reading during announcements. My teacher asked me at the end of class if I thought my time had been spent well and I told him that actually it was perfect because I had finished my book. lol. I'm going to share this will all of my teacher friends!

  3. Oh gosh. The last one is horrible! That poor kid. I don't know what these teachers are thinking.

    I've never gotten a detention for something like this but I have always been yelled at for reading instead of paying attention in class during middle school. But in my mind then I thought since I got straight A's without paying attention, it would be okay to read. I still think that should have been okay. haha. I should have called those teachers muggles...

  4. I didn't get detention, but I did get in trouble for slipping a book into my textbook and reading it while the teacher was lecturing.

  5. Technically no.

    But I was banned from checking books out of the library for an entire semester because I was reading too often in class.

    The librarian liked me and let me leave without checking them out.

    Needless to say, no problem was solved.

  6. I never got a detention for it but I did get in general trouble a lot for reading in class. Whether my work was done or not.

    I think the only detention I ever got was for "back-talking" a substitute when she was calling role. All I did was ask her to clarify which Ashley she was referring to since I couldn't hear her.

  7. Never got a detention, but got yelled at a lot!
    I never stopped reading though. It's kind of ironic though, because it was my old English teacher who was mad at me.
    Zhanna @ A Match Made in YA Fiction

  8. I've gotten in trouble for reading in class... its just books are so much more interesting than science, particularly when the teacher was horrible at teaching

  9. Haha! Love it! How, as a teacher, do they not crack up in some of these situations?

  10. Lol this was a great post! If I was a teacher I probably wouldn't have given them detention, heck, I would have awarded the students!

  11. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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