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Saturday 22 February 2014

So I'm currently reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown...

Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)

Red Rising may be this year's winner. Right off from the beginning it had a strong voice which drew the reader in. Learning about the main character's life and struggles, and then to see how he was betrayed by the society he so wished to make better... Well it makes for an extremely compelling read that makes you think. I really like Red Rising so far, specially how my preconceived notions of how the story should go, how the characters are to act, get blown apart every single time. I wonder how the story is to end... In some ways it reminds me of The Hunger Games, but not really. Sure the rich rule over the poor but while Darrow's life may resemble Katniss' in that they are both poor and just trying to survive Katniss is no actual slave. Katniss knows who her enemy is her whole life, Darrow has no real clue and when the blindfold comes off... well, it makes for a very interesting read.


  1. Wow this book sounds so good! I've heard about this book before but the simple cover really put me off and I didn't bother reading into it but I guess the line "don't judge a book by its cover" comes in. I'm definitely adding this to my wishlist!
    - Annie

  2. DUDE, I just finished it and it is an amazing read. DEFINITELY worth your while.

  3. Wow haha that good eh? You may just see this book in my next book haul!
    - Annie


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