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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley (Ghostgirl #2)

Title: Homecoming
Author: Tonya Hurley
Series: Ghostgirl
Book #: 2
Pages: 285
Reading Level: Middle Grade/YA
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 3.66
Published: July 1st 2009
by Little Brown Young Readers

Heaven couldn't be a phone bank, could it?

Charlotte Usher discovers that the afterlife isn't quite what she pictured when she's forced to intern at a hotline for troubled teens. Before she can officially cross over, she'll have to be a source of guidance for one such teen. The problem is she doesn't have much advice to offer since dying hasn't exactly boosted her confidence level.

But when Hawthorne High's leading, love-to-hate cheerleader Petula and her gothic little sis' Scarlet find themselves suddenly resting-in-peace in comas, Charlotte's opportunity to save them will prove to be the risk of a lifetime-for all of them.

Taschima's POV:

Where back in the afterlife with Charlotte, and things don't look so good. After graduation Charlotte seems to be all alright with herself, who she is, and where she is heading. Thing is after the glamour goes off, she is back where she started, being invisible. All her friends are busy with afterlife phonecalls, and reunions, to even glance at her. This doesn't bother her so much, that is until her new friend Maddy come's into the picture.

Maddy likes to feed Charlottes insecurities. Why? I won't tell you, read the book! And bonus Scarlett is having doubts about her relationship, and Petula seems as selfish as ever, even more so now.

Let's talk about the characters.While reading this book I felt like I, and Charlotte along with me, where back at square one. She was as doubful about herself as ever. This did not go good with me. Scarlet went a few nodges down with me, in all, I didn't feel like MY scarlet was in the pages, not until the very end at least. Damen is a minor character, as always. but the character who impresed me in this book was Petula.

In the plot I'd have to say it crossed from unlikely to unbeliavable. Some things happen that would, or most likely could never happen, and that I didn't think was the best for the story. It started out very slow, a lot of inner chatter that really didn't gave us anything new. Heaven as a phone bank? I got it, sould in the afterlife being our inner chatter and guiding us, it was interesting to see another person's view of the afterlife.

This book has it ups, and it has its down, but all in all it's an ok read. I would read it for it being the second book in the series.

One thing I most liked about this, and the first book, its the intro's to the different chapters. It has messages that are very much true, like for example:

"Trust is not a given. In any relationship, it is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest to lose. In fact, the only words harder than "I don't love you anymore" are "I don't trust you anymore." The former has everything to do with somene else. There is nothing you can do about a change of heart. The latter has everything to do with you."

It makes you think doesn't it? There are a lot more of this in the pages. And finally the ending. While it was a good ending, I thought it resembled the first one too much. It was rushed, but not so, and at parts a little like 'when did this happend?'

Well there you go, my Ghostgirl:Homecoming review. I could go on rambling, but I can't give out spoilers- not any more anyways. Woot! A review! I thought this one would not see the light of day Lol


  1. Thanks for a really interesting review!

  2. Great review! I can't wait to read this one after loving the first book.

  3. Nice honest review! Think I might skip this one:)

    I see you are reading Lover Avenged!!

  4. Good review. :D
    I may have to end up reading this but I'm not to sure yet. =/

  5. Wow, I thought people would not like this review cause it doesn't have a positive message, this rocks!

    But it is what I think, and I always say what i think so Lol Im glad you guys liked it!

  6. Nah, honesty's always fresh! xD

    The books don't seem amazing, just cutesy. I guess Charlotte's not a character to use as role model, huh? lol.

    I finally posted my review up for Betwixt. It took me five millenias to finish it! o.x; Oooh *looks at new book Taschima's reading* Look at that dude! Hello! Come over heah!;D


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