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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Vampire Academy Movie Advertising Ultimate FAIL

To put it in simple words the advertising for the new Vampire Academy movie is making me NOT want to watch the movie. Every time I see a new Facebook image from their movie's official site, or go by Barnes and Noble and see the new paperback cover for the book (image below) my eyes roll and I feel even more detached from the whole debacle (even though I was a fierce supporter for the movie being made).

The thing is, the advertising for the movie is all wrong. It highlights all the wrong things about the series, and thus it sends the wrong message to future readers/viewers. By now every guy who is even aware this movie is being made or that the book exists must have been thoroughly alienated. Really, who could blame them? All I get from the advertising is that "THIS IS A GIRLIE MOVIE". Instead of highlighting the part about how they are vampires (WE KNOW) or how "OMG they are BFFS!!! Lots of pink and weird colors should make the point!" why not instead highlight the part about honor and courage and Rose being a WARRIOR and Lissa being a distraught princess who was left all alone after her family died and she has this incredibly cool power that might drive her insane? *insert sarcasm tone* Nooo that would be preposterous! Let's instead make terrible puns about how these girls "suck at school" and "suck" at almost EVERYTHING ELSE!

Does this even sound like Lissa? No. Stay true to character before the audience starts to dislike her because she seems so freaking shallow.
No they don't.
Photo source.

... and they have a ton of more photos about how it "sucks" this and that. Sigh.

Hopefully the movie defies expectations and it is actually good. I am REALLY hoping for this since the advertising for it so far has been ridiculous, and I am still a fan of the BOOKS (which thankfully other than changing covers cannot be touched by anybody other than Richelle Mead).


  1. the promo doesnt even represent the book I agree. Hopefully the movie will be true to it, it's my favorite series o.0

  2. I completely agree, I was so excited for the movie, and now that it is getting closer and closer to it's release date, I'm finding it looks very disappointing. I really hope the movie does not ruin the series for me. Great post.

  3. Good luck to you and all the other fans of the books, but I don't have high hopes. Hollywood is still looking for the next Twilight, can't make intelligent YA adaptation to save its collective life, etc etc. Which is a shame, because there are so many tremendous opportunities if they'd spend time and thought doing it right. Alas, this movie looks excruciating.

  4. The movie trailers are not that great either and I even saw a wolf in it. I guess they've added werewolves?

    This could have been such an awesome movie but I think they've made something far worse than any other paranormal teen book adaptation (even Blood and Chocolate looks better and it was nothing like the book)

  5. You're right - the ads are shitty, but I still can't wait to see this movie!!

  6. I totally agree.. The posters and memes and everything looks like a super cheesy high school creation instead of a Hollywood movie...

    oh wait...

    Hollywood is LIKE high school... now that makes sense...

    I don't even want to watch the movie in theaters with the way it's going. I'd rather wait til it is available to watch somewhere else...


  7. I totally agree. The catchphrase makes me cringe so badly and I absolutely hate it. I've heard some people say that it's good that they make it sound like a comedy and like Mean Girls etc etc, and that if people would take it too seriously it'd be bad, but honestly? How they ridicule it is much, much worse. It's truly preposterous.

  8. I haven't read the books, and I know that it's a well-loved series...so I was kind of confused after the preview. My friend and I kind of side-eyed each other...but I'm going to attempt to read the first book.

  9. I agree 100% with you. The advertising makes me cringe! I had a friend ask me if the movie was a vampire comedy.


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