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Friday 6 September 2013

Vampire Academy Official Movie Trailer- Win or Fail?

The first thing that overwhelmed me about this trailer is the song at the beginning. It promises yet another teen movie, with vampires. Sunshine, style, etc. Maybe they could have gone with another song, one that fit the novels more? Just not this one. The son is very Gossip Girl like, as is the narrative at the beginning.

"I don't know about you, but, my school can get a little insane."

Does this sound like something ROSE would say, anyone? No, not really. But this is more passable than what comes next...

"And all of us think we are going to live forever... if we survive graduation that is."

Pl-ease! Rose would would never say this! Rose is fully submerged in the Vampire Academy world and knows all the rules. At the beginning of the novels all of the "soon to be guardians" were meant to survive graduation and thus be elected to guard a Moroi, Vampire Academy being as protected as it was. This just makes it seem like the Moroi attack the dhampires at will and randomly... seriously.

On the bright side based on the trailer I am liking both the actress who plays Rose...

Look at that look of disobedience... very Rose.
... and the russian actor who is embodying Dimitri...

 But I still hate Lissa.

She is just so... confident and self assured and TOO MUCH. Lissa is supposed to work up to that. Ugh, I don't like her. She is not my Lissa :/
And we barely get to see Christian so, whatevs. I like the scenes with Rose and Dimitri, so I am hoping for a decent movie. Nothing will be as wonderful as the book is, but the movie people can certainly try!


  1. I was actually a little underwhelmed by the trailer. It's more commercial than I thought it'd be but then again that's what sells. But I'm definitely with you about the actress playing Lissa--I wasn't feeling her at all :P

    I am cautiously optimistic about everything else though o.o;

  2. I actually like the actress who plays Lissa, but I agree that the trailer didn't exactly depict my vision of VA. But I'm holding out hope because I believe the screenwriter is the same guy who wrote HEATHERS and that film is hilarious. So I'm thinking he might put a little spin on this and make it sort of sarcastic and witty.

  3. I'm not feeling this one either. I loved the books-- so did my daughter-- and we both watched the trailer and went "skip it".


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