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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Book Etiquette 101: Put it back correctly, and no one gets hurt.

Rule #1: When I invite you into my home, or someone else (roommate?) invites you into my home, and you happen upon my books, yes, please, be amazed. I have quite the collection after all. You want to touch them? Eh, sure. Please be careful however. Oh, you are putting them back out of order. Wait, no stop. I have a system. Seriously. I am not crazy.


 photo tumblr_mi6ihuxUAV1qi3yn4o1_500_zps6431bc9a.gif

Yes, we book people (bookworms, book-geeks, bookaholics) take great pride on our books. So please,
whenever someone invites you into their most prized part of their home, their library, be mindful of
the unspoken book rules. Which is why I am freaking writing down here so that people will be up to date.
There is nothing worse than having arranged your shelves just the right way and have someone else barge in
and screw up your system. It's annoying, and downright rude.

You know what's worse? When this happens when you are out of town and you come home to find your lovely system screwed up with. FML.


  1. I would probably go crazy if someone did that >_<

  2. I am not super anal about the order my books are in but, it drives me up the wall when people touch them and break the spine just flipping through the pages.

    I don't go and rub my fingers all over their videogames therefore they should be kind to my book babies.


  3. mine are all disorganized (series are together however) but i can understand how that would just drive someone homicidal

  4. This is why I'm seriously considering getting shelves with glass doors. With a lock on them.

    'Yep, that's quite a lot of books. Nope, you can't paw them, get your oily fingerprints all over the covers, crease a spine or two and then stuff them back all out of order.'

  5. Oh my gosh-I can't imagine people just reaching over and touching my books. It's one thing for me to take a book off the shelf to show but to just go and touch it? Poor etiquette!


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