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Friday, 18 November 2011

Birthday coming up... and so I will be busy for the next couple of days.

I will most likely post tomorrow about Harry Potter world, cause I'm going there as part of my b day present!!! But for today I got nothing, zip, zero. I have a sort of review on Fahrenheit 451if you are interested, but is more like a comment on the classic.

Fahrenheit 451

I am not going to actually review this because it was just a college assignment, but even though the writing is choppy and made me want to hit the writer with his own book, the story is what matters and this story is a good one.

If I DIDN'T have to read it for my final test then maybe I would have sincerely enjoyed it more. But from here you can see the foundation of so many other dystopian YA novels, it's truly uncanny.

That's it, a comment. I am starting to read Heartless by Gail Carriger today, so expect a review of that one soon!

For now you all have a great weekend!


  1. haha, ditto-- I *might* have liked this book, if I wasn't forced to for a class!

    And OMG you're in Central FL! As a denizen myself, WELCOME!!! And a hint: hit Wizarding World later in the afternoon because everyone hits there first. In the afternoon, it's a lot less crowded. And don't forget to try both the pumpkin juice and the butterbeer (the frozen is good, but the liquid one comes with the most amazing foam you'll ever have--I could drink a bowlful of that all on it's own!).



  2. That's as good a review as any! To know that a book is enjoyable as more than a textbook is nice.

  3. Ah! Happy belated birthday, Taschima! I hope you had fun at HP World. I had yearly passes to Universal the year they were building it, but I haven't had a chance to get back there now that it's finished. :( Can't wait to hear what you thought of it!



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