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Wednesday 29 September 2010

New Sequels Covers, Yay or Nay?

**Found cover on Goodreads, but apparently, some people have told me, its a fan art cover, not the real cover! You shouldn't post stuff like that at Goodreads!!"

Hmmm... It's a pretty cover, but is it better than the cover for Fallen and Torment? I don't think so...

I think my favorite is Torment, then Fallen, and then Passion. I think it may be that they actually showed the model's face in this one that is the factor which is turning me off. I liked the fact that the face was always hidden. I haven't even read these books... I should.

It goes with the theme of Infinity, but again I might like the cover of Infinity better, but that doesn't mean I don't like this one! This is is pretty cool, and I like the red.

I mean, look at that! That is gorgeous!

Pink... Pink... Pink... I'm trying to accept all the pink give me a moment... Pink... Pink...

I think I got it now. Pretty, very pretty. As always I like the frame of the cover, and the model's pose is good. But my order of preference would have to be The Iron Daughter, The Iron King, and then The Iron Queen.



  1. Meh. None of these are as good as the ones previous in my opinion.

  2. That is NOT the real cover of Passion. I am 98% positive. That was just someone who thought their cover was cool enough to be believable (which it's not) and decided to post it on Goodreads.

    I'm sure the real cover will be gorgeous though! :)

  3. Yeah I like the Fallen and Torment covers better than the Passion one with Torment being my favorite. And I agree with you about the face being hidden. Also, I haven't read Fallen yet either though I do have it. XD

    The other new covers are great! :D


  4. Passion looks awful. It doesn't even look like a real cover, more like a fan-made amateur Photoshop creation.

  5. I don't think Her face should be showing in the cover

  6. I think the cover looks ok. I haven't been able to start the series yet. In a couple days I will.

    "Every Little Thing"(book blog)

  7. Passion and Iron Queen both look so much different thhen the first books in the series.

    They're both really pretty though :)

  8. Wow. The cover for Passion is hideous! They went in a completely different direction than the two previous covers which were simply gorgeous!

  9. I agree- I am not too fond of the 'Passion' book cover. This is actually my first time seeing it and I was kind of disappointed-'Fallen' & 'Torment' have great covers, and they really are good books. I'm not too sure about the pink on the 'Iron Queen' I like the borders, just not all that pink! HaHaHa
    Have a nice day!

  10. I don't like Passion-- it is a major let down after Torment and Fallen-- but I like to other two.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  11. I'm not a fan of the PASSION cover... at all.

  12. I don't like the cover for Passion. It doesn't look like it's part of the same series. It's too... hmm... detailed? Photorealistic? I don't like seeing her face and all the shiny folds in her skirt. It just doesn't have the same feel as the other two.

  13. I like Passions purple color. :)

  14. Doesn't look right does it... I'm contacting the author and seeing if this is really the cover, I don't know, Goodreads may be wrong...

  15. Ehh. The Passion cover...not good. At all. It looks extremely fake and just...ew.

    I LOVE th Invincible cover. The red is so striking and I love the model's pose. I love Inifinity's cover too, but I think I like Invincible's a bit better.

    The only problem I have with The Iron Queen is the PINK. If it were softer like the previous covers' (the green and purple are gorgeous), sort of a cool, icy color, pink would be fine. But it's so STRONG. I like the model though, better than the Iron Daughter. I hate how the girl's chin was cut off on TID. King is my favorite, followed with Queen, and then Daughter.

  16. Im not sure I like you can see her face (Passion) Still love it though!
    Going to meet Lauren Kate in a few minutes! YAY!

  17. I like the purple color of the Passion cover, not so much the pose of the model.

  18. That seriously can't be the cover of passion. that's hideous! it's... crappy, really crappy... what made me buy fallen was the beautiful cover (it turned out to be a GREAT book, i highly recommend it, if you have and haven't read it yet, do it NOW!)
    Don't like the purple, don't like the dress, don't like the hair, don't like that she's showing her face, don't like the background. I HATE IT! (i'm very sad about this)

  19. Hopefully that isn't the cover for Passion. What happened to the gorgeous dress, background, pose, background, design, etc? It looks so cheap, like the designer completed it in 10 minutes or something. D: I don't mind seeing the face, but if this is the cover, omg mad disappointing.

  20. Well... ir does follow the other covers' theme. But Passion comes off as a little but dramatic, while the previous ones hint at a good story (yeah.. the vibes I get from books..).

    Even the Invincible red is dramatic, but maybe it wants to draw attention?

    Hmm, they're alright I guess..

  21. It's not the cover. Tynga at Tyngas reviews let me know. She contacted the head people(I forget who), and was told it's not the official cover.

  22. @Natascha Thank you for confirming! I think most of us are reeeaally happy this isn't the cover!

    But now, is Goodreads to be trusted with covers?

  23. Congratulations! I've given you the Versatile Blog Award over at shereallyisafunnygirlthatkate.blogspot.com


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