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Tuesday 14 September 2010

I cast The Hunger Games

Entertainment Weekly is my absolute favorite magazine. In its last edition they gave us the scoop on many new and old series that are starting out this fall, I can't wait! As I was reading between Grey's Anatomy (which ended last season with a BANG!) and Parenthood (With my favorite Gilmore Girl, Lorelai) I found an article named You Cast The Hunger Games.

While some of their choices were dead on, others were, well, not so much. They did a poll online to indicate which actors and actresses the public preferred for the part, and the ones who won were...

For Katniss...

Kaya Scodelario
Best Known For: Britain's Skins, Clash of the Titans.

Never seen her before in my life! I don't really know if she could pull of Katniss...

Runner Up...

Alexandra Daddario
Best Known For: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

I have a grudge against this woman. Mainly because she is not blond and she still played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movie, that pissed me off...

For Peeta:

Hunter Parrish
Best Known for: Playing Mary-Louise Parker's oldest son on Showtime's Weeds

Yummyyyyy... But is it really Peeta? He is just too, bad ass... At least on Weeds.

Runner Up:

Alex Pettyfer
Best Knwon For: 2011's Beastly

He might just pull it off, gotta go watch Beastly to be sure.


Gaspard Ulliel
Best Known For: playing the young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising

This is a typical Edward vs. Jacob scenario, because if this guy plays Gale I might just switch to Team Gale in the movies... He is just so, Gale-ish. A.K. A. hoooot.

Runner Up...

Drew Roy
Best Knwon For: Hannah Montana (shudders) and iCarly

Is it not a mistake. I didn't put a picture up for two reasons. 1) I didn't find a good enough picture and 2) anyone who was in a Hannah Montana show would NEVER receive my support, so why even bother? (no offense to the fans).

(Katniss' media-savvy mentor)

Kristin Chenoweth
Best Known For: Pushing Daisies, Broadway's Wicked, and most recently Glee

Im a Gleek. Sueee me. I think this would totally work. Since Effie is from the capitol and stuff and she is totally bubbly I think Kristin will do her justice. Plus I love Kritin, and I love Glee.

Runner Up:

Emily Blunt
Best Known For: The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria

Too much of a goodie two shoes, and too pretty...


Hugh Laurie
Best Known For: Dr. House, 101 Dalmatians Villain (I KNOW! I watched the movie and recognized him, a true find)

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I love this guy, and I'm pretty sure he can pull of any part they give him.

Runner up...

Robert Downey Jr.
Best Known For: He is Iron Man.

Well, he is Iron Man, but he could too pull it off I guess... I am still rooting for Hugh (I would marry Hugh if I only was a bit older).

Basically, I don't like the limited choices on Katniss and Peeta. They will take most of the screen time, and they just don't seem quite perfect. And they have to be perfect. Down to the last hair.

So what are your choices for Katniss and Peeta? In fact, what is your opinion on this WHOLE thing? Scream out loud and tell me which actors and actresses should play each part because at the end of the month I will make my own poll, and then you all can choose from the popular few that get to the last round.

PS; This is not my choices for casting, but what the people chose on a poll for EW, though I like most of them.

PPS; The rights to the story are owned by Lionsgate; pretty smart people.


  1. What about Emma Watson for Katniss? I think it would be the perfect role for her to break away from Hermione Granger with. Then again... she might not be able to pull off the hard edge she would need to be Katniss.
    I totally vote Alex Pettyfer for Peeta. Hadn't thought at all about who would make a good Gale. (Gale was/is too forgetable for me.)
    Kristin Chenoweth would be the most PERFECT Effie EVER! When I saw her picture in your post I seriously let out a little scream of amazement of the brilliance of whoever thought Kristin should be Effie. As for Hugh Laurie playing Haymitch..I kinda envisioned someone a tad older, but I think Hugh would pull off the character nicely.

  2. EW put a nice list together. Their Effie is perfect, I think!

  3. Loved your cast! Alexandra seems to be a favorite among people.

  4. Hahaha! I saw the same article in EW, and was inspired to do my own casting of Katniss for my Movie Cast Monday feature! I just posted it yesterday, lol. Personally....I'm kind of in the air about Katniss. I'm not exactly sure who would do the best job!

  5. I agree with you on everything except for Katniss.
    I have seen Kaya Scodelario in 3 Seasons of Skins and as much as I like her, I think she is way too pretty to play Katniss.Same goes with Alexandra D. I'd like to see more of a girl next door playing Katniss.

  6. @Hannah I was thinking the exact same thing!! I think Emma could pull off Katniss, Hugh could totally pull it off, but if they find someone older... There is makeup...

    @Brooke Their Effie IS perfect xD

    @Kailia This is not my cast, this is my opinion about EW's cast, my cast will be coming up soon.

    @Natalie I'm kind of in the air too, but I think if we rough up Emma Watson a bit she could pull it off.

    @AtenRa I haven't seen that girl in ANY movies xD But if you give me to choose between her and "Annabeth" I choose her.

  7. Kristin Chenoweth HAS to play Effie. And if she doesn't... Amy Poeler!

    And Hugh Laurie is PERFECT for Haymitch. And Robert Downy Jr. would be good, too.

  8. I like the idea of Emma Watson as Katniss. I think it would be a good role for her to undertake.
    I can't think of someone for Peeta, but saw the perfect Gale and can't remember were I saw it and who it was.
    I love the idea of Kristin Chenoweth as Effie. It's perfect! And Hugh Laurie would be great as Haymitch.

  9. Mmmmm...Hunter Parrish. ;)

    I haven't read the series but everyone seems to like Kaya Scodelario for Katniss. Lots of awesome actors here. :)

  10. This was a fun post!

    I laughed when I seen House but he fits perfectly.

    Black Disaster Fairy


  11. Yes yes yes to your Gale. He has the skin color and the look! HOT!

    Kaya is lovely in Skins, so angsty and bold and rebelious, she has the attitude. But her skin color is the biggest problem! Katniss HAS olive skin, like most people in District 12.

    Effie. Perfect Effie, I can't wait to see her with purple hair or something crazy.

    Peeta. Mmm, Hunter Parris is too bad ass. Not how I pictured Peeta. I like Lucas Till better. So sweet looking, he can DEFINITELY pull the "boy with the bread" look.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE GAspard Ulliel, I asted him as my Christian in my dream VA cast ut he would make a perfect Gale too! :) I like your choice for Peeta too!

    It's always easier to cast the guys than the girls :)

  13. Great list! Though I'm not sure I agree with some... especially Gale, he's just too old I think (still hot though!)
    I always thought Katy Perry was the perfect Effie, when she wears a wig it just reminded me of that, even if she doesn't act.

  14. Someone mentioned on twitter that the girl from True Grit would be a good Katniss I think her name is Hailee Steinfeld.

  15. alexandra for katniss and alex fo peeta <3

  16. Kaya for Katniss! I didn't like Alexandra's acting in the Percy Jacksons movie. But great dream cast! I'm already on the 3rd book. I can't wait to read how all unfolds. :D

  17. @AtenRa: personally, I think Alexandra is way prettier than Kaya. I think Kaya should be Katniss and Alexandra should be Isabelle from Mortal Instruments! I can't believe both these series will be movies :)

    I just don't get why people want Alex Pettyfer to play Peeta. He gives off WAY too much of a "bad boy" vibe and is too ba to play Peeta. I think Hunter Parish is a much closer to his character. I think Alex should play Jace (again with The Mortal Instruments lol).
    Gale was my favorite in The Hunger Games but I think either of your suggestions could play him. As long as Gale is a major hottie then I'll be good.

  18. I don't really know about most of the others, because I haven't seen them in anything, but both of the options for Haymitch cracked me up. Considering how close to his personality House is, though, I really think that High Laurie could totally pull it off. Robert Downy Jr. has played pretty much the same character in all of the things I've seen him in, but it is similar enough to Haymitch's that I don't think it would be too much of a stretch.

    I do have to say that I don't think the girl who played Annabeth should be Katniss. I didn't much care for her acting in Percy Jackson.

    They'd better get a really good Gale. It'd ruin the movie for me if he wasn't cast well.


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