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Wednesday 24 February 2010

New Cover Among Us

(Click for my review)

So they did it. Hurray! There you go fellas, a new cover. Personally, I don't see much change in skin color (don't kill me), BUT the second girl has more exotic features (I think it's the eyes and maybe the pose). I like both covers, but what I specially like about the second cover is the key. If you have read the book you know the part the key plays in the story, and I think it's nice they put it in the spotlight. I also like the curls of the new girl, they are very defined and pretty.

Now I hope Jaclyn starts getting more positive feed back, after all the cover issue wasn't her fault, and her story does hold a certain charm that is hard to escape from.

Give this book a try, you won't regret the magic that comes out.


  1. I love the new cover. Besides being more accurate, it's so much prettier! :)

  2. This is definitely better though. She could be arabian, or hispanic here. I like her features also.

    Funny - I didn't even notice the key, didn't SEE it until I read it here. I've looked at this cover five times in the last two days.


  3. Yeah the new cover does look better, the girl looks like she's up to no good... I think I'll give this book a try ;]

  4. I'm posting my review of this today! Unfortunately, though, I don't really like the new cover. EVen if I do see a big difference in skin color.

  5. Yay I am not alone, when I heard about the whole whitewashing of the first cover I was very confused. I thought there was another cover out there that I had never seen and that the first cover had replaced it and then I see this actual second cover and then it all clicks. But still the girl in the first cover doesn't look all that light to me, it could be the lightning but I actually thought she was brown. I think both covers are pretty but I do like the second cover more, they did a better job from picture to text (especially text). The font and colouring and shadowing of the text in the first cover doesn't suit it at all. And I love the overall colours and calm tones of the second cover :)

  6. I'm happy about the cover, but a little disappointed in teh story....kind of a let down for me.

  7. Oh, that's cool! I liked the first cover myself.
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  8. I love the new colour. Beautiful. I'd actually pick this up in a shop if I came across it whereas the original cover, I'd be more inclined to ignore.

  9. pretty! but i think i like the first one better. funny i never thought there was anything wrong with it. she looks like Nimira from the book on the first cover... but whatever.

    i have the ARC with the first cover anyway and i love it so im happy. and the story hasn't changed and that's the best part anyway :D

  10. I agree! I love this new cover and theres something just right with the girl and the key and the color schemes, i really want to read this book!

  11. I agree with you that we should support the author, and I am glad that her published listened and changed the cover art. I will be getting the book now.


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