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Friday 5 February 2010

BEA Tips and Tricks

BEA=Book Expo America (in other words the best book convention ever)

Is anyone here attending BEA this year?!?! I know that even if it is the last thing I do, I will be at BEA this year. Not only at BEA, but at BBC (Book Blooger Convention)

If you, like me, are new to the whole BEA thing do not despair because fellow (awesome) bloggers have to to the rescue!

There is some kind of blog tour going on that aims to answer all questions and give extra inf on the whole thing.

So if you got questions they got answers, click in the different names and go directly to the post trust me is super valuable information.

Monday, February 1st
Tuesday, February 2nd
Wednesday, February 3rd
Thursday, February 4th
Friday, February 5th
Saturday, February 6th
Sunday, February 7th
Monday, February 8th
Tuesday, February 9th
Wednesday, February 10th
Thursday, February 11th
Friday, February 12th
Saturday, February 13th
Sunday, February 14th
Monday, Feburary 15th
Ive read all the available ones and they are both fun and very informative. I saw consider being part of this years BEA because its an experience you don't wanna miss. I know I don't.

Oh oh! This is VERY important! If you ARE going to the BEA... EMAIL ME!!!!!!! I will be kind of "lost and insecure" (The Fray-'You Found Me') and I really want to meet as much bloggers as possible!

See if I can finally stop calling you guys my imaginary friends.

Important links:


(Skipped teaser today, laziness has taken over)


  1. I'm going to BEA Tasch--I'll e-mail you later about. I hope to go to the Blogger Con as well, but we'll see if I can raise the money in time.

  2. I really really really want to go to BEA, unfortunately its pretty close to impossible for a broke 15 year old west coaster!!! Hope you have fun and meet some nice bloggers!!!

  3. Nup. I'm in Britain. No convention for me. :(

  4. I'll be going, most likely, but I wanted to say thanks for linking to the posts! :) Hope to see you there.


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