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Friday, 20 February 2009

Saturday's News and Coffee.

This is something I am gonna try to do all Saturdays.To try and keep you people informed and happy I am going to find interesting pieces of information and post them on Saturday. Since its 12:33 am it is, technically, Saturday already so here it goes.

We know the economy is bad. Most companies are going bankrupt and people are loosing jobs now more than ever. We are all going though economy hell, nobody is being able to get a job, so basically everything is going to bloody hell. But, what about our local bookstores? What is going to happen to them? People don't have money for about nothing these days, so how are they going to be able to afford books? How are our local bookstores going to keep breathing?

Here is a little piece of information I found about this...


Where have all the bookstores gone?

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  1. Hey, thanks for answering, you can email me at booksaplenty16@gmail.com.


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