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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Review: Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Title: Definitely Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse
Book #: 1
Pages: 352
Reading Level: Adult
Book Rating: Photobucket
Published: March 27th, 2007
by Ace

Sookie Stackhouse once tried to keep her mind-reading capabilities secret, but the word is definitely out in Bon Temps, Louisiana, her hometown, leading local police to call on her to help find a missing child. There's a new man, were-tiger Quinn, in the picture, too, but on their first date, two were-people attack them. Sookie isn't sure whether she or Quinn was the target but is soon distracted by a more pressing problem. 
Cousin Hadley, a vampire, has been murdered, and Sookie has inherited her apartment, meaning she has to go to New Orleans to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death and meet with Hadley's lover, the Vampire Queen herself. Though not quite as driven as past entries in Harris' Southern Vampire series--Sookie doesn't get to New Orleans until a third of the way in--this is a gratifying read for Sookie's fans because of a major surprise for Sookie about one of her old lovers.
Taschima's POV:

This book kinda confused me a little bit at the beginning because it starts with the death of her vamp cousin, which did not appear on previous books.After going in sites I found out that this story started in a short story not in any of the Sookie Stackhouse books, so dont think that you skipped a book or something ^^

Besides this piece of information secrets are revealed, passions are extinguished and hearts are healed and broken once again, its a book that will only let you wanting more. This story sucks you even deeper with every book that is out. Full with witches, wolfs, spells, and of course vampires, this book will keep you turning one page after the other and make you run to your local bookstore just to get the next one.

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