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Thursday 5 December 2013

STOP Whatever you are doing! A Harry Potter Prequel, The Greater Good, is out! Dumbledore vs Grindelwald!

The Greater Good, a fan made Harry Potter small film depicting the first battle between Grindelwald and Dumbledore is sure to make you stare in awe. The film, while fan made, looks really good. The visual effects are incredible and the actors all seem to be really talented (not to mention cute... Hello Dumbledore ;) )

Some fans have called out, saying that some things in the film are inaccurate. But I digress, not every film is extremely accurate, not even the original HP films. For a fan made film is quite brilliant and I hope all that were involved in it have prosperous careers (maybe some work at the upcoming HP film perhaps?).

Hmm, which other Harry Potter moments would you like to see on film? I vote for the moment James and Lily make Peter Pettigrew their Secret-Keeper and everything went to hell. That would be very interesting to watch.

Greater Good's Facebook Page and official website.


  1. That is awesome! Your title alone had me rushing to this post! LOL

  2. I am not much of a Harry Potter fan but this was a very cute movie. The acting and graphics were not bad as well. Thank you for finding it.

  3. OMG this was so good!! so wish they would make an entire prequel movie!! I would love to know more about the world before harry was born.


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