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Monday 15 July 2013

10 Unequivocal Reasons to ALWAYS Carry a book with you EVERYWHERE. #AlwaysCarryABook

I have come to a very disturbing conclusion. Not everybody carries a book with them at all times.


I know! Shocking right?! I don't understand why this is, haven't they ever watched Gilmore Girls?

 Rory Gilmore is my personal hero. She ALWAYS carried books along with her, everywhere, even on dates! And it wasn't because she expected the event to be boring, or turn sour, it was because you never know what might happen. Never, so you better come prepared with a lengthy book that can surely occupy your time and take you out of your predicament, be it boredom or else.

So I've compiled some of MY reasons to bring books everywhere, and I strongly encourage you guys to add MORE on the comments. It would be really nice to see I am not the only weirdo around here who had to buy a bigger badass Converse purse just because my books didn't fit in my old small one.

10. Don't believe your friends and family, parties can be dull...

...specially if you know nobody, or if you are going to a family event that is stock full of third cousins and lots of creepy uncles you didn't even know existed. When I first started reading the Harry Potter series (oh, the good old days) I was so invested in the books I took them with me everywhere I went. Once I took it to a family gathering, to this day I don't remember anything about said gathering but I do remember the story. I also remember that my mother got annoyed at me because I wasn't "socialising" with the other human beings in the apartment (I went and hid at the car because they were too damn noisy). What can I say, it was Harry Potter! Also, the event was boring and I didn't know anybody there so sue me. In instances like these, believe me, follow Harry's example and hide under the stairs... and read your book.

9. What if the electricity goes out?!?!

I know, scary stuff!! This also happened to me quite recently. My friend were complaining about their Ipad's battery draining, etc, and I was all like "PAPERBACK COPY!!! Can't hear you, reading."

8. The end of the world is here! Aliens are attacking, humanity is doomed!!

... and you are curled up with a very good book. If reading IN THE AFTER taught me anything is this: books are going to be your sole source of entertainment when the zombie overlords attack and take away the electricity and the modern world pretty much collapses on itself.

BTW IN THE AFTER is such a good book, you should definitely read it. Creepy and exhilarating.

7. You are incredibly sad over something to the point where you might cry in public.

No one can quite cry like a Winchester.
Oh look what you got here right in your purse, a nice interesting plot to avoid such public humiliation! Nothing while quite take your mind off things like a good book (if you are unsure if what you are reading at the moment will keep your mind off things always carry extras either in paperback form or e-book).

6. You are incredibly pissed about something to the point where you might punch someone in public.

Unless you got a slap bet with a friend you might want to avoid hitting people in public. So why don't you instead focus your anger on the bitch/ass who is trying to ruin your main character's life?

5. You have a menial chore that could be improve by awarding yourself with one. more. chapter.

Add caption
Let's face it, we are not all Disney princesses who can keep a smile on their faces while doing meaningless chores. So award yourself every time you get something done! Clean the cobwebs? One more chapter! Who knows? Maybe you might end up doing more work (this is a lie, you will most likely drop any work in order to finish your book, you have been warned).

4. You need a chapter break from life.

Sometimes things are just too much to bear. If you need a distraction from life, from a fight, from searching for your missing kid, grab a book.

3. You are potentially getting robbed but your purse is so heavy with that copy of The Deathly Hallows that the robber just gives up.

... stranger things have been known to happen? If not then HIT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH IT. It will hurt, trust me. Consider carrying an extra hardcover with you at all times as a security measurement.

2. You need some advice to give your friend but you don't know what to say exactly.

Books can give very good advice indeed.

1. Because you just love books.

Books ARE magic.
Maybe you don't need "excuses" to carry a book with you whenever you go. If you don't then you are awesome, and screw anybody else who says otherwise. You are the best, keep it up.

PS; In other news I am still extremely sad about Cory Monteith. Still can't believe it happened. #InDenial


  1. I love number 10. I remember being absorbed in Harry Potter 2 at my birthday party with family and just ignoring them because they weren't as interesting!

  2. Love this list! I always carry a book on me because you never know. :) Did you see Epic Read's list of 10 situations you may need a book for?

  3. haha. carry a hardback around for self- defense, *nods* I am so glad I had a copy of Les Miserables with me the day I foiled that bank robbery. When the news reporters swarmed me and asked for an interview, I politely declined. After all, I was only on chapter thirteen. There was more reading to be done.
    (: Joking aside, I always carry a book with me. especially to school. Boring lecture at the university? Bring a book! :D (I know. I am sorry. I am a terribly bad influence.)

  4. Great post!
    I would add another reason for carrying a book:
    To avoid being harassed by strangers on the bus or subway. You just dig into the book and ignore everybody around you.

  5. Yes I wasn't the only one who had Harry Potter to occupy her time at a party. I didn't have to socialize at this one, but I had to go. It was a kids' party and I had to go to keep an eye on my brother. While he played in the jungle gym thing I read Goblet of Fire.

    Books are also great when you are in waiting rooms or just waiting - hospitals, salons, banks, airports. There is nothing worst than have absolutely nothing to do for hours or even minutes. Once I even had a book with me when I went to the movies, before the previews started I was reading my book.

    I love your number #8. Currently its hurricane season and I have my friend's books (she moved away) packed up and duct taped in plastic waterproof containers in my family's storage shed behind our house. #8 Had me thinking if there was ever a an apocalypse there would be survivors in the far future stumbling upon the preserved books :).

  6. I absolutely LOVE this list! The .gif's are just AWESOME!

  7. In the words of the Doctor, "You want weapons? We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!"

  8. I love this! It's so accurate! Also, what about if you get caught in traffic!

  9. I once read WHILE in the movies. What can I say, the movie was boring and I was REALLY into the book. For some reason my friend considered that "rude" even though she basically gave me no choice on the movie.

  10. Great list. I do carry a book with me everywhere I go, no exceptions. I even took one on my date last week and even when I go to the swimming pool, I have one in my bag just in case.
    In fact I have to take a book with me when I go bag shopping to make sure I get one that will fit them in. :D

    We <3 Books!

  11. I went and bought the Barnes & Noble Best Book Bag and use that as my purse. the front zipper pocket carries my purse items the inside is my book area. No one can steal that bad boy cause of the weight.

    Were you inspired by EpicReads post? Love this idea might have to make one of my own.

    I had to sit in a car for 10hrs driving to Washington when the Deathly Hallows came out. Who finished the book the day it was released in under 10hrs *points finger* This girl.

  12. I totally love this!! I'm the bookworm of my group of friends and this just made me feel that I'm not alone!! This actually made me proud of who I am, thank you :)

  13. Every point is so true!
    I liked the additional point about how great a book can be on the bus or subway as a way to avoid being harassed but I feel that more so, a book can be a great conversation starter with strangers! You never know what else you might have in common through the shared love of a book :)


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