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Friday, 5 December 2014

Blogging Question: When Blogspot Messes With Your Work...

...What do you do? Do you want to throw the computer out the window? Renounce Blogspot for ever and ever? I do. These past few days, hell for as long as I can remember really but it's really been bothering for the past few days, Blogspot keeps messing with my posts! And it angers me because I write them exactly as I want them, with the exact amount of spaces, and to have Blogspot add or delete or just screw up my perfectly well organized posts ... well I have definitely screamed at this thing once or twice.

Am I the only one that this keeps happening too? If I'm not, isn't it infuriating? Why can't the people who run Blogspot fix this thing? HTML is HTML and I just don't understand how this blogging thing can mess up with the HTML.

So if you see some of my posts all messed up it's because of Blogspot. You can scream at it to your hearts desire. I know I do.

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