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Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Hobbit has a Trailerrrr!!!

I am so totally interrupting the normal broadcast to bring you some AMAZING news. The Hobbit has a trailer!! AND WE SHALL ALL WATCH IT. Why Taschima? Because Lord of the Rings is the best Trilogy this world has ever seen and will ever see, yes in my eyes is better than Star Wars. STAR fricking WARS! SO yeah, if you want me to have even an ounce of respect towards your persona and your taste in awesome movies I suggest you watch this trailer. I would prefer if you did it now.

I am totally geeking out right now, I know it, you know it. I think my neighbors a few buildings down knows it. Can't help it!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm so looking forward to this movie!!! :)

  2. I deserve respect because I saw this trailer BEFORE I came on here -preens- but yes I am with you I CANNOT wait to see this which is bad because we all have to wait a whole -beep- year for it. -weeps-

    But to cheer me up even though I have seen the trailer online already I can't wait to see it when I go to the movies ^_^ right on the big screen in a dark room with surround sound -spazzes-

  3. Thanks for sharing it! Love it, love it!!!

  4. @Julianne Aren't we all!!

    @Sandy I knew I liked you for a reason ;) Hey are you rooming with us for BEA next year? I'm trying to add you in Facebook but can't seem to find you, find me! (Natascha De Marco)

    @Lis I'm so very glad you love it!


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