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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mid-Read: Deadtown

Deadtown deals with supernatural beings being out of the closet and how humans deal with them. There is this one character who is very into the politics of everything. He is a werewolf, a lawyer, and the main characters, am, um, how can I put this, let's just say "boyfriend". Sorta, kinda. The main character's name is Vicky and she is a very hard working woman. Though very intelligent and kick ass there is something about her that still doesn't click for me. Maybe it's that she is to into the whole revenge thing and can't look at the big picture... anyways, yeah, she is pretty kick ass though and doesn't let herself be boss around which gives her major brownie points. I like her, I just still don't love her.

Now something that surprised me about this book is that the zombies have gotten major publicity, but the main character is a shape shifter, and the other characters we see a lot are a vampire, a werewolf, and a human. The zombies are okay, but they haven't gotten my attention that much.

This is kind of a mixed feelings thing because I like the book but it hasn't lived up to it's potential. However I still am in the middle of it so things could change.

PS; the romance department is still in the workings, but the guy is a cutie.


  1. owww sounds cool love my supernatural stuff so this could be my kinda book , finish it of then let us know what u fink :P

  2. yah the zombies take the backburner but i suppose they will play a bigger part in the other books planned for this i think trilogy =)
    you may like the ending, i really did.


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