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Monday, 18 January 2010

Magic Under Glass

Well, I am totally out of the loop apparently since I just found out about the cover controversy for Magic Under Glass. This are my 2 cents:

I know that being aware of things like this is important and everything, but unlike when the controversy was about the cover of Liar (which was clearly a huge mistake from the person who made the cover, I mean white white girl on a cover that is suppose to be for a dark colored skin person? Come on of course people are going to be angry!) I think this one is just not that big of a deal. From my perspective, and I am holding the book in my hands right now, the skin of the girl in the cover ain't that much different from mine, and I am absolutely not white.

"Tassim, in the far East... in Lorinar, she is nothing but a dark-skinned amusement"

So from this you think of the girl as being exotic and darker on the skin department than most girls. But there is another part where one character named Hollins describes her skin as having a "golden glow".

If I were to go to a place where the majority of the population is white I would too be claimed as having dark-skin. Like I said in a comment of mine I would describe my skin as having a golden glow, doesn't mean I am brown perse. Let's see, I consider Brazilians to be exotic and they aren't necessarily brown colored. Most of them have a golden glow. Also just because you are a certain race doesn't mean every person is going to have the same color of skin. My sister is white, she is Puerto Rican like me, and my brother is a little bit darker than me.

All I'm trying to say is don't ban Bloomsbury from your buying list just because. True they may have made some mistakes here and there but if you ban them you are hurting the authors more than the publisher. The author made the story, not the cover. If you don't like the cover well, put your own cover on top of it or something xD The author is the one who poured their hearts into the story and not giving them a try because of a cover mistake is just not fair for anyone.

Again, I understand the importance of the matter and I am not saying it's not important to fight for what you believe, but really when you are in the middle of publishing a book a lot is going on and authors most of the time don't have a say on the book cover and a whole lot of the time the people who do the covers don't read the book. But in this one I think they did good. I like it. Then again everybody is different and have different tastes and opinions.

And those are my two cents,

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