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Sunday, 27 September 2009

One Hit Wonders

There has been a lot of one hit wonders in music. From Eddie Murphy's Party All The Time to Panic At The Disco (Yeah I really think they were a one hit wonder, second CD sucked). And to be honest most of the one hit wonders we don't even remember them. Well, I have come to think about this big series that have left a mark on the YA literature world, and ask myself, what else have they done?

I mean really. Has J.K. Rowling written anything else that is not related to the Harry Potter series? She wrote The Tales of Beddle and The Bard, but that also had to do with HP. Dumbledore even made comments, and he is dead. So you see where I'm getting at.

Another One Hit Wonder is the author that has been like an eclipse that came over the YA literature world, and funny about the world eclipse cause one of her novels is called that. Yes, I'm talking about Stephenie Meyer.

She was both a blessing and a curse really. Made a lot of press for YA, and vampires. Now is the time were vampires made a big boom, and we have to
give a little credit to SM on that. I know I luv my vamps, and if I had not read Twilight, I would probably be still hung up on HP reading the book DAILY. That's how much I read the HP books. Twilight Saga made me realise that there were more books out there, and I thank it for that.

Take note that this is not a let's-say-how-awesome-twilight-is post, and I'm getting to my point. Stephenie Meyer left a gaping hole behind for teenage kids to fill, they needed to look for comfort after finishing Twilight, and what do you know, they discover another world full of different themes but still related that's called the Young Adult section. Saying that, her twilight fan base has passed the line so much I don't even think they saw the line under their feet as they crossed it. So yes, a blessing and a curse.

But more to the point, what else has she written? The Host? Which in my opinion was a good novel. And did you guys know it's being turned into a movie? Learn more on Stephenie Meyer's main website, there is also an article about it here. But I'll talk more on that later, in another post.

Thing is, most authors get in a rut, and you never know which is their excuse for it. Do they do it because they have so much money already they don't need to keep up the writing? Or do they think that since they have so much money they'll just take a looong vacation and let us high and dry?

Which let some rather hopeful people stuck in their stories more time than necessary. Like me with Harry Potter 4 years ago. And she still hasn't written anything new. A shame really, she has a talent for story telling.

Who else do you consider a One Hit Wonder? I know there must be lots of them, but in this post I talked more about the super famous ones. Now you tell me which other authors that you enjoyed left you high and dry. Let's pin those suckers down.

Yours truly,

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